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2024 Show Results

Results from the Poultry Club of Wales Spring Championship Show - 19th of May 2024

Supreme Show Champion & Champion Soft Feather Light Bantam - Black Araucana female owned by Dai Davies

Reserve Supreme Champion & Champion Hard Feather Bantam - Black Red Modern Game Male owned by B & C Ward

Champion Hard Feather Large - Brown Red Oxford Male owned by K Walker

Champion Soft Feather Heavy Large - Black Orpington Female owned by D Bradley

Champion Soft Feather Light Large - Black Hamburg owned by E Duffy

Champion Soft Feather Heavy Bantam - White German Langshan Male owned by B & C Ward

Champion True Bantam - Blue Partridge Dutch male owned by S Johnson

Champion Rare Breed - Black Thuringian male owned by C Booth

Champion Trio - Black German Langshan trio owned by B & C Ward

Champion Asian - Silver Duckwing Ko Shamo owned by P Moreira

Champion Turkey - Norfolk Black female owned by Diane Tanner

Champion Juvenile - Serama female owned by B Scourfield

Champion Eggs - 6 brown bantam eggs presented by M Le Clercq

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